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Land's End to John O'Groats Photo Album 2003

James at Land's End signpost
Rosie at Land's End signpost
Rosie & James at Land's End
My trusty steed!
The cyclists
Colin & James leaving Cornwall
Rosie cycling out of Cornwall - 1 county done!
Enos, James, Alan, Rosie & Colin make it to Devon
James cycling up Cheddar Gorge, I only stopped to take the photo!
Waiting for the traffic jam to clear!
Rosie, Colin & James
Rosie & James leaving Cheshire
Lonely road into North Yorkshire
Rosie & James make it to Scotland - half way!
Ross in Scotland (Mechanic & Back marker)
Snacktime for Colin & Alistair
Colin, Rosie & Alistair at the Scottish Borders
Welcome sight, the campsite after a hard day's cycling
Gorgeous view of a Loch
Enos, Alan, Jim, Jamie & Ross
Malcolm, Alistair & Gavin
Richard, Peter, Edwin, Jane & Gordon
James, Kevin, Colin, Niels & Dave
Tired & blurry at Ross & Cromaty!
Colin reaches Ross & Cromarty
View from Struie Hill
Colin & Rosie cycle into Syre
Jim & Gavin (cycling partners)
Niels & Dave (cycling partners)
Peter & Richard (cycling partners)
Edwin - He did the same trip in 2002
Alan - All the way from USA to do the trip
Jane & Gordon - Raising money for Cancer Research UK
Jill, Jamie, Alistair, Enos, Malcolm & James
Kevin - Tour Leader, organiser, luggage transporter & rescue service etc...
Colin & Rosie (cycling partners)
Steve & our transport home (green van)
Rosie finally makes it to the last county
Jill & James cross the finish line
Malcolm, Alistair, Jamie & Rosie at the finish line (John O'Groats)
Rosie at John O'Groats signpost
Rosie & James at John O'Groats - 1,066 miles done