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Feedback from sponsors

Good Luck - while training before the trip

Encouragement - on route

Congratulations - on completion

Good Luck - while training before the trip

"Would be more than happy to make a contribution for your magnificent efforts"
Helen Hazell (28/3/03 - email)

"I just wanted to Congratulate you on doing so well (with your training), I don't know where you get your energy - I could do with some!!!! "
Carrie Grimes (25/4/03 - email)

"This is an excellent task you are taking on! Good luck! I've been to the website (it's lovely by the way ;) - you have a lot of support already! Just shows how much people admire what you are doing :) "
Naomi Brennan (8/5/03 - email)

"Good luck with the rest of the training"
Steve n Aly Carpenter (8/5/03 -email)

"Yes I'd love to sponsor you on your mammoth trek."
Tom Brennan (9/5/03 - email)

"sounds like your loon side is still kicking lively!!!!!! thousands of bits of luck you will have a fab time take care look after those knees, you dont want them to flag out half way down"
Nia Turner (9/5/03 - email)

"Good luck"
Julian Cotterell (15/5/03 - email)

"Sounds a very hard challenge. Very best of luck!"
Janice Jelfs (email)

"Iím exhausted just reading your itinerary!!! Best wishes on your journey. Take good care of yourself"
Deirdre MeLaugh (16/5/03 - note)

"I wouldn't call cycling up the Gorge an easy day!!!!!!! Well done to you for your commitment to this: I look forward to reading the updates."
Ralph Mortimore (16/5/03 - email)

"Hope you are enjoying your "retirement" !"
Clive Hall (21/5/03 - email)

"We'd be delighted to sponsor you, what a tremendous feat you are undertaking. We wish you the very best of luck for the journey and look forward to hearing how it is going"
Elaine Waight (24/5/03 - email)

"Thanks for your letter. I am happy to sponsor you. In 2001, I cycled John O'Groats to London, 725 miles in 9 days & raised £2000. I do admire your doing the whole trip. Hope it doesn't rain every day like it did for me 2 years ago! Hope it goes really well"
Ray Smith (26/5/03 - email)

"I have faith in your ability to cover the course. I hope the weather stays nice for you. I applaud your choice of sponsor it is indeed very worthwhile"
Bill Stirling (26/5/03 - letter)

"Hello, hope you are well & v. v. fit! Good luck with the ride. Hope you are planning some serious relaxation and pampering for later in the year!"
Clare Cordery (postcard)

"We'll be thinking of you Rosie - attagirl !!! Hope it all goes really well !!"
Fran Martin (30/5/03 - email)

"this is just to say good luck - we'll all be thinking about you and cheering you on"
Liz Girling (30/5/03 - email)

"Really proud of you Rosie. Do take care and best of luck for the big ride!! Hear from you soon."
Gina Loryman (30/5/03 - email)

"Have a good time, will be lighting a candle for you on your journey, will also send my guardian angel to be beside you God bless you"
Sally Rafferty (1/6/03 - letter)

"Go for it Rosie! We know you can do it!"
Terry & Philip Chan (1/6/03 - note)

"Good luck!!"
Shirley Saunders (2/6/603 - email)

"Hope this finds you OK. Good luck on the ride"
Diana Thomson (2/6/03 - email)

"Good luck!!"
Charlie Manning (2/6/03 - email)

"Good luck Rosie"
Jonathan Shapero (2/6/03 - email)

"Good Luck just a little donation from me for such a good cause"
Denise Hands (2/6/03 - note)

"Have a safe and 'enjoyable' trip"
Rachel & Mike Pritchard (3/6/03 - email)

"I'm full of admiration for you, and if I'd known about your epic journey earlier your numbers might have swelled by one - I would have volunteered my husband! All the very best and hope that you have a smooth ride!"
Val Gunn (3/6/03 - email)

"We haven't met but I think what you are doing is amazing and deserves as much support as possibleÖ.I came to appreciate just how important cancer care is and all the dedication that goes into it. I'd like to wish you the best of luck with your bike ride and I hope you don't get too saddle-sore!"
Lesley Hardwick (3/6/03 - email)

"I am sure you'll do it, good luck"
Cheryl Mitchell (3/6/03 - email)

"It's a pleasure. I've done some fundraising before so I know how much hard work goes in. It's a big challenge, but I wish you all the luck in the world!"
Alistair Blane (3/6/03 - email)

"I think you are very brave and very noble. It's a good cause. Good luck again"
Jonathan Shapero (3/6/03 - email)

"Well done and wishing you best of luck with your challenge - you can do it!"
Cristin Bouchet (4/6/03 - email)

"Wishing you a smooth and trouble free cycle ride from Landís End to John OíGroats. We will be avidly checking progress on the website every day. Take good care of your knees!!
Danae & Dominique Fiedler (4/6/03 - card)

"Well done on the cycle ride!!! Very selfless (and a bit mad I think!) but what an achievement - You can do it! Itís a really important and good cause so best of luck to you. Remember - drink loads of fluids (not lager!) and carboís & book a couple of days off to recover at the end"
Cristin Bouchet (4/6/03 - letter)

"I still think you are slightly crazy, but have a great trip & good luck! "- Kim Bianchi
"Enjoy every minute, aches & pains & all! I think you are even madder than me (&thatís saying something!) I know youíll make it" - Jacqui Poole
"I agree with Kim & Jacqui but youíre very brave and got guts. To get satisfaction at the end of it will be worth it. Be safe & will be thinking of you" - Barbie Samrai
"Hope you have a following wind! All the best" - Jane Roebuck
"All the best" - Andrew Northall
"Hope you have a safe trip. Enjoy it" - Andrew Burwell
"Good Luck" - Tim Crisp
"All the best, your hard work will be worth it!" - Ann Crowder
"Good luck. Iím sure it will be worth the pain!" - Danny Monie
"Wishing you all the luck on your journey" - Vicky Auker-Howlett
MH/IPC Team (5/6/03 - card)

"Heaps of Luck. Hope you make it! Feel sure that you donít really need luck & that it is all down to training & "true grit" but weíre wishing you well anyway!"
Dianne, Pat & Ben (5/6/03 - card)

"You are a star. Thank you and also for the photos. Thanks"
Chris Taylor (5/6/03 - email)

"Wishing you every success and the very best of luck. Hope everything goes to plan. We will be thinking of you & following your itinerary daily. All the best"
Doreen Till & Jim McSherry (5/6/03 - card)

"Good luck, and whatever you do, try not to injure yourself"
Chris Penny (5/6/03 - email)

Encouragement - on route

"Keep up the stamina. Good luck to you both for tomorrow "
Bronwen Corbin (7/6/03 - email)

"Well done keep it up!!!"
Gez Carpenter (7/6/03 - email)

"Hope that the Cycle Ride is all going well. God you are great and talk about fit lady you put me to shame!! Looking forward to hearing that you completed the entire trip injury, sunstroke and of course dog bitten FREE!! Happy Cycling"
Katrina Carman (8/6/03 - e-card)

"Well done Rosie, keep it up"
Cheryl Mitchell (9/6/03 - email)

"Congrats to you and James - go for it - we are thinking of you and I know you both can do it - you have gone so far already!!!!"
Vicky Robinson (10/6/03 - email)

"You are doing great, keep going"
Anne De Santis (10/6/03 - email)

"Go Girl! I have passed this information to the Devon and Somerset police so expect a ticket in the post. Only joking! Keep it up!"
Cristin Bouchet (11/6/03 - email)

"Hope the ankle is ok. Sounds like it is going well"
Anne De Santis (12/6/03 - email)

"Sounds amazing progress. You are *almost* inspiring me to do some exercise!! Keep it up. Sending you energy vibes across the green hills :) "
Colm McLaughlin (16/6/03 - email)

"Well done Rosie!! Sounds like you are doing brilliantly. Hope that the weather holds for you this week. Take care and hope it is still lots of fun."
Claire Adams (17/6/03 - email)

"Hope the trip is going well and the legs aren't too sore and the weather isn't too hot! good luck and keep going"
Ursla OíNeill (17/06/2003 - email)

"When the going gets tough, the tough get going!! You are doing a great job. Keep going - YOU CAN DO IT"
Terry & Philip Chan (21/6/03 - email)

"Enjoy the final day and VERY well done"
Julian Cotterell at the BEACON (22/6/03 - email)

Congratulations - on completion

"Hello Sis Hope u are OK Congratulations"
Anthony McLaughlin (22/6/03 - text message)

"Well Done! Congratulations again!"
Chris Horsey (22/6/03 - text message)

"Well done"
Dee Carpenter (22/6/03 - text message)

"Well done to you and James. Talk to you when you get home"
Elizabeth Sweeney (22/6/03 - text message)

"Congratulations 2 both of you & well done"
Sally Rafferty (22/6/03 - text message)

"Congratulations well done 2 u both! wot a gr8 feat 2 have undertaken! Hope 2 C U very soon"
Jo, Matthew & Katie Ward (22/6/03 - text message)

"well done u, A thousand wishes 2 u, u must be very proud"
Nia Turner (22/6/03 - text message)

"Congratulations see you soon"
Sharon Odam (22/6/03 - text message)

"Woo - Hoo! Many Congratulations! "
Sarah Smith (22/6/03 - text message)

"Congratulations see you soon"
Caroline Lewis (22/6/03 - text message)

"Congratulations have a wee dram or two"
Steve Carpenter (22/6/03 - text message)

"Well done Rosie! Congratulations"
Naomi Brennan (22/6/03 - text message)

"Congrats Well done to both of you, now a bath & well earned rest"
Sylvia Hamilton (22/6/03 - text message)

"Yeehaa!! Well done - what a fantastic feeling it must be to have made it. What a fantastic feeling it must be to know how much dosh you're going to be getting out of people. I'm leaving the country now. See you after the statute of limitations has run out"
Nick Hayes (23/6/03 - email)

"Well done! Rosie!"
Doug MacLeod (23/6/03 -email)

"Well done, Rosie! I knew you could do it"
Ross Kavanagh (23/06/03 - email)

"I am really really proud of you and James - I think is was a wonderful thing to do and you will both have raised so much for your charity! - canít wait to see the photos - you definitely deserved the champagne. :-)
Vicky Robinson (23/6/03 -email)

"Well done, it sounds amazing, look forward to hearing about it all"
Anne De Santis (23/6/03 - email)

"Well done Rosie, you must feel so pleased at your achievement, it must have been tough, but I hope you enjoyed it as well, I'm sure you saw some beautiful scenery on the way. I must say I've really enjoyed your day to day updates. Now you deserve a well earned rest. Your poor bike must need a thorough MOT! Congratulations and well done to everyone who took part in this fantastic event.
Francine Woolf (24/6/03 - email)

"Well done Rosie and everyone!"
Jonathan Shapero (24/6/03 - email)

"Congratulations C U soon, rest time now"
Karen Bulloch (24/6/03 - text message)

"Congratulations. Hope youíre feeling on top of the world!"
Dominique Fiedler (24/6/03 - card)

"Well done Rosie and indeed all of you. It has been very entertaining reading your 'postcards'"
Denise Hands (24/6/03 - email)

"Well done Rosie I hope you donít need to cycle back up hill"
Alan Flack (24/6/03 - text message)

"A big well done - knew you could do it! Now that you have conquered Landís End to John OíGroats, what is your next challenge? Have you seen the North Sea Cycle Route? That would be interesting to follow!!"
Danae Fiedler (24/6/03 - card)

"Excellent Rosie, Well done. What a fantastic achievement for a great cause."
Rachel Pritchard (25/6/03 - email)

"Congratulations, Rosie, I found your postcards really interesting & brought back many memories of mine 2 years ago."
Ray Smith (25/6/03 - email)

"I have been reading the details and think you are all pretty amazing. You seem to have held up very well considering the distance and conditions. My view is you deserve a holiday from work!! Anyway, enjoy being in one place for the time being, and have some quality time."
Janice Jelfs (26/6/03 - email)

"Had a look on your web site - pretty amazing journey you should be really proud of your achievement. I hope your knees have recovered"
Sarah Parker (26/6/03 - email)

"Congratulations Rosie, Just got your postcard from John O'Groats to say you had completed your "marathon" bike ride and all was well. Have enjoyed getting all your postcards and hearing how you've been getting on. Will miss them now you've finished, so start planning your next one please!!!!! Hope this finds you well and Steve of course and that you've rested and are feeling fighting fit. Well done again, you are an inspiration to us all. The Carman Family"
Katrina Carman (26/6/03 - e-card)

Fran Martin (26/6/03 - email)

"YOU DID IT !! WELL DONE!! I think you were amazing. What a fantastic journey. Something to remember for the rest of your life. It was great to read your postcard every day and follow where you were. Hope you are resting now and feeling less sore."
Elaine Waight (27/6/03 -email)

"Congratulations, Amazing effort! Arohanui"
Colm McLaughlin (30/6/03 - note)

"Very many congratulations, Rosie, you're a marvel. I hope you, your knees and other parts of your anatomy are recovering well! Can't remember how much I sponsored you for but I'll double it because you deserve it and much, much more.
Val Gunn (30/6/03 - email)
Editorís note: Val was not the only sponsor to double their original pledge, Thanks again for all donations.

"Well done Rosie. I enjoyed reading your postcards. Hope you bum & knees start to feel normal again soon. Congratulations to all the riders for a fantastic achievement - all going to a very worthy cause."
Sarah, Jerry & Ricky (30/6/03 - letter)

"You made it Well done Rose I really enjoyed the daily updates on your progress. You must be very proud to have set out and achieved your goal. I hope you have had a well earned rest during the week.
Shawn Lewis (30/6/03 - email)

"Well done! "
Sue Bell (30/6/03 - email)

"Well done to you & THE TEAM for a great achievement ! When is the Round the World trip ??"
Phil Chan (30/6/03 - email)

"WELL DONE, I am always happy to sponsor good causes."
Michelle Gooderham (30/6/03 - email)

"Glad to see my extra 5p made it on to the web site !"
Chris Penny (30/6/03 - email)

"Thanks - the postcards were interesting - sounds like at times you were quite sore! "
Jonathan Shapero (30/6/03 - email)

"Many congratulations on the trip - I guess the feet (and other bits!) are still recovering from such a mammoth trip. I don't envy you being on a bike for that long!"
Jo Silverton (30/6/03 - email)

"Well Done! We donít know how you did it but you did - such an amazing feat. Enjoy a good rest now"
Elaine & Nigel Waight (30/6/03 - card)

"Well done Rosie - On the way back , I would stop at Northampton, donít bother cycling back to Landís End!"
Clive Hall (1/7/03 - note)

"Congratulations on completing the bike ride - you must be dead chuffed about it! Thatís quite an achievement! I hope your knees arenít too sore now! "
Vicky Hawes (1/7/03 - letter)

"We are so proud of you. You are a star. I don't know how you did it, but I am so impressed. You are such an inspiration. We can't wait to hear all about it."
Gill Payne & Chris Drakeford-Lewis (1/7/03)

"Well done on the achievement! Once again you have excelled yourself - how you manage it I canít imagine"
Chris Horsey (1/7/03 - letter)

"Congrats on a great achievement! How long is it going to take you to recover / consider looking at a bike ever again?"
Brendan Burbage (2/7/03 - email)

"Well done!"
Julia Squire (2/7/03)

"Ngaire and I followed your challenging adventure each day via your enjoyable postcards. I was sorry I wasn't in England otherwise I would have gone with you (as far as possible) !! It was a magnificent achievement and you can tell your grandchildren of it someday!! relax and enjoy the summer - but get out on your bike-there is nothing like it."
Hugh and Ngaire McLaughlin (2/7/03 - email)

"Well done for completing your ride! Hope the legs are now fully recovered. It was a joy to get your e-mails first thing each working day. I was amazed how quickly you made progress. You deserve every penny!"
Alistair Blane (3/7/03 - letter)

"Once again, well done Rosie!"
Francine Woolf (3/7/03 - email)

"Very well done on the ride. I can't believe you guys did it so quickly! "
Brian Jacobs (3/7/03 - email)

"Hope you have fully recovered. This was such a worthwhile trip. Many Congrats!"
Janice Jelfs (7/7/03 - email)

"We're so impressed that you finished the cycling, I think we should probably give you a £50 completion bonus on the sponsorship money."
Tim Robinson (7/7/03 - email)

"Youíre the tops! Well done a wonderful achievement Rosie - knew you could do it!!"
Michael & Mary McLaughlin, mum & dad (7/7/03 - card)

"Massive achievement! Congratulations on completing your aim. I am sure you must have some stories to tell now."
Richard, Debbie & Matthew Knox (9/7/03 - letter)

"Well done, great effort"
Pat Murphy (10/7/03 - note)

"Well done for raising such a terrific amount of money !!!!"
Fran Martin (13/7/03 - email)

"Have you recovered nearly now? I bet you are pleased that the weather wasn't as hot as this on your ride. Mind you, the speed you were going the breeze would have been nice. But uphill would have been harder work than ever! I will catch up on the latest cards soon."
Janice Jelfs (14/7/03 - email)

"Well done!"
James Watkins (17/7/03 - note)

"Well Done Rosie, What an accomplishment!"
Gail Henderson (17/7/03 - note)

"Congratulations on your achievement. Iím sure your Grandfather would be very proud"
Chrissie & Jeb Cordery (19/7/03 - card)

"Congrats on your success & the total youíve raised, very impressive both"
Brendan Burbage (21/7/03 - note)